Jean-Baptiste Chandelier - Simply Amazing

I just watched this on the Soaring Society of America's Facebook page, brought to you by Outside TV. It's Jean-Baptiste Chandelier doing some pretty amazing flying. Enjoy!

Boeing Bullies Bombardier - Hypocrisy Most Foul

Before I get started I want to say that I love Boeing and their airplanes. I fly the B717 right now and I flew the B-1 in the past (a plane now cared for by Boeing.) I aspire to fly more of their aircraft. They are a shining beacon of American technology and manufacturing. I wish them raging success in their aircraft development, production, and sales.

However, I am disappointed at their ridiculous hypocrisy in one matter.

MilKEEP – Cracking the Code to Solve Your Problems

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on The Pilot Network and is reposted here by permission. If you're a pilot, I strongly recommend you go join TPN. (It's free!) Much of what happens there is focused on helping pilots find airline jobs, but it's a growing network that supports all areas of aviation.

What Will a Year Cost Me?

The Pilot Network recently had a great discussion of a question I hear all the time: "I'm at risk for a non-flying 179-day (or 365-day) deployment. Should I put in separation papers right away to preempt deployment orders, or roll the dice and risk getting stuck in the military for an extra year?" I also hear a related question very frequently: "I'm only a few years from retirement, but if I stay in my final assignment will be a non-flying one. Will finishing my career in a non-flying job hurt me?"

Airline Pilot - First Year in Review

(Edit 24 Feb 17: Added some discussion on furlough.

A few months after starting work at a major airline, I wrote an article taking my newly available truth data available about airline pilot pay and comparing it to military pilot pay. That article has been read more than 41,000 times and was republished in The Pilot Network Quarterly (TPNQ.)

Dynon D-10A STC Approved for More Aircraft!

Dynon, the EAA, and the FAA announced last summer a revolutionary STC allowing installation of the (experimental category) Dynon D-10A EFIS in normal category aircraft. This is wonderful because it gives aircraft owners a relatively cheap way to update older aircraft with modern technology. It will make those aircraft safer, more reliable, and more useful.

FAA Publishes 3rd Class Medical Reform

The FAA finally announced their new BasicMed rule last week. (This is the rule that let's pilots fly a lot of aircraft without the need to hold a 3rd class medical.) It's a really big deal in a lot of ways. It will help further the cause of aviation in the United States. Of course, it also has some caveats that make it far less of a good deal than I'd hoped.

(You can read the FAA's final rule here, or you can catch it in the new 14 CFR Part 68 when it's published.)

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