Another Eclipse Jet?

Aviation Week wrote a great article about the Eclipse Concept Jet that arrived at Oshkosh this summer under the controls of Eclipse president Vern Raburn.

Eclipse is maintaining that this aircraft is just a market research tool. However, Cirrus has announced a similar jet as an entry into what they call the personal jet market between high performance singles and very light jets. The Diamond D-Jet is another single-engine jet being marketed as a personal jet and jet trainer. With two (or potentially three) companies producing aircraft, it seems that a new market is about to emerge. Unlike the others, Eclipse may be in a precarious position with only one model of aircraft to offer. Adding a personal jet to their line could be a strong move for them, if this market materializes.

Eclipse and Cessna are the fast starts in the VLJ market with the Eclipse 500 and the Cessna Citation Mustang. Both aircraft are fully certified and have a long list of orders from private and commercial owners. There's an Eclipse 500 based at Rapid City Regional, and I got to ask one of the pilots a little about it. From that conversation, the Eclipse seems to get a lot of use and work well for the short-hop, fast trips it was designed for.

Eclipse has a site specifically for the Eclipse Concept Jet.