Glider Flying in Wyoming

One of the tough things about getting into the sport of soaring is the fact that it's sometimes very difficult to find a glider to fly. Thanks to the Big Horn Soaring Club based in the Powell/Cowley, WY area, residents of Wyoming and Eastern Montana finally have a way to solve that problem without traveling so far from home. This is the first and only glider club in the state of Wyoming and possibly the newest glider club in the US.

Unlike powered flight operations, soaring is usually more economical when organized as a club. This club happens to be located just East of Yellowstone National Park and would make a great side-trip while vacationing in the area. The members are friendly and a scenic glider flight with them would be a lot of fun and relatively inexpensive. The SSA website has some contact information posted on their "Where to Fly" map. (Just click on's the only club in the state.)