Hope You Didn't Plan on Flying to the Superbowl

That is in a private jet anyways... Bloomberg is reporting that the airports around the University of Phoenix stadium have a problem with overcrowding. Turns out the superbowl is the place to be seen if you've got money, and the way to get there is by private jet. So roughly 1,000 private toys are descending on the Phoenix area for the game this weekend.

Not a horrible thing for the local FBO's who get to charge the parking fees, but a little bit of a problem for your average GA pilot. Initially the Glendale airport manager mandated that the smaller aircraft move to accomodate the influx. This was met by heavy opposition from a local pilot's group along with the AOPA. The city and the airports have since moved to a friendlier plan for voluntary movement and reimbursement for fuel costs, how generous of them... You'd think that would have been the first option, but hey that's just me.

Turns out, though, that the worst is yet to come. You see, everyone gets to Phoenix on their own schedule. Trickling in on the days before the big game. The real problem is when all the jets go to leave at the same time... can anyone say "lear lock." Probably a good day to keep it in the hangar if you live near Phoenix.