FAA Still Making the Right Call in Santa Monica

Last May, the fight over jet activity at the Santa Monica airport was extended thanks to a restraining order that prevented the city from enforcing their ill-conceived rules while they made an appeal to the FAA. Now, the LA times reports that the FAA has officially rejected the city's appeal.

The city of Santa Monica has an official decision from the country's aviation authority. The decision reiterates the fact that the jets affected by Santa Monica's overturned rules are safe enough to operate a the airport and that the city does not have the right to ban certain types of aircraft. Now the city's only option is to challenge the situation in federal court.

It's great to hear that the FAA made the right call in this case. Their decision will have long-lasting effects for many airports. It would be nice if cities and counties would realize how unwise it was for Santa Monica to develop the land right next to the airport and do a better job of planning. For now at least, aviation won't have to suffer from Santa Monica's mistake.