Cirrus Vision Jet Prospects Remain Optimistic

The Duluth News Tribune reports that orders for the Cirrus Vision Jet are increasing, even with the unsteady economy. Cirrus needs to keep the orders coming to finance the conforming prototypes they will build next year. AIN points out that 106 orders have been placed in the past six months, however, there were also somewhere around 50 cancellations making that number just a little less optimistic. Some of those lost orders were actually swapped out for SR20 and SR22 orders, so not a total loss for the company, but perhaps not as aggressive as they would have liked.

Nipping at the heals of the Vision is the Piper Jet which will participate in this years Airventure with a couple of flybys. Both aircraft sit in about the same category of single engine Very Light Jet's (VLJ's) that seat around 6 people. First deliveries of both jets are advertised to take place in 2013. The Piper tips the scales just about $2M while the Cirrus is promising to come in at around the $1.7M mark which is only just out of my reach...

It's nice to see that the VLJ market hasn't totally died off with the Eclipse insolvency and other hi-jinks brought about by the downturn in the economy. The promise of more orders and continued development is enough to give me hope that the light jet revolution might still come to pass. Even if I'll still never be able to afford one!

via Duluth News Tribune and AIN