Aviation Bull for All Our Friends!

A few months ago I wrote an article aimed at helping military pilots convert their logbooks to civilian standards, specifically in preparation for airline interviews. I had occasion to share it with a group of pilots on Facebook and received a lot of positive feedback. The moderators of that group thought enough of the post to include it in their quarterly newsletter, The Pilot Network Quarterly. You can read my article in TPNQ, along with past editions of the newsletter for free on iBooks.

The Pilot Network (TPN for short) is a closed group on Facebook. Don't let that scare you away - go ask if you can join. What started out as a small group of pilots trying to help each other has turned into a thriving community of more than 4600 members sharing a wealth of knowledge!

I got a lot of information there that helped me prepare for my airline interview and I've enjoyed watching colleagues share their success stories. Whether you're a regional pilot hoping to make the majors, you're a CFI earning your keep an hour at a time, you're hauling freight at night across the middle of nowhere, or you're a military aviator trying to decide whether to punch out, TPN is an outstanding resource for you.

TPN would also be a great place for a young pilot to learn as he or she is getting started in aviation. We get people discussing what life is like for professional aviators and how to pursue different career tracks. People discuss/review flight schools and pilot gear. Occasionally we even get young people asking basic pilot questions. They're welcomed, encouraged, and informed. The group includes lots of military members who are always happy to discuss their branch of service and the best ways to get a set of silver or gold wings. Don't be afraid to join the group and just soak up information for a few years.

Thanks to TPN for sharing my post, and for forming a great community. Keep up the great work!