AviationBull's First Podcast Guest Appearance

It's been almost a year, but my guide for converting military logbooks to civilian standards is still one of our more popular articles. Based on follow-ups from that article, I'm preparing an in-depth evaluation of the most popular electronic logbook apps on the market.

One of the places that generates a lot of discussion and feedback on the subject is a pilot-centric social media/resource site called The Pilot Network. In addition to a lively Facebook group, TPN has a pilot-only social network chocked full of resources for current and aspiring aviators. They also put out The Pilot Network Quarterly (TPNQ), a quarterly newsletter, and have a podcast.

There was so much discussion about military pilot logbook conversion that TPN asked me to appear on their podcast and address some of the questions that have come up. You can listen to Podcast #7 here.

If you aren't already a member, you'll notice that you need to join TPN to get access to these sites. I highly recommend it. TPN is a great network of people who are interested in aviation. They're generally more focused on finding jobs that'll put food on the table, but it's a good place to go to if you're interested in flight training and General Aviation as well. Thanks for reading, and now listening. Enjoy!