FlyQ EFB - Augmented Reality and Geo-Rectified IFR Plates for $49 - Until Sunday

This is amazing. I've been wondering for months why none of the EFB companies have tapped into the amazing potential that modern mobile devices offer for using augmented reality in aviation. (Even the F-35 has some augmented reality capability and it's already 10+ year old technology.) It turns out that Seattle Avionics (the company that supplies geo-rectified IFR charts for all the other EFB companies out there) is the first company to do exactly this in their FlyQ EFB. Better yet, they just sent me an offer to buy a 1-year subscription for only $49 until Sunday. If you don't have an coupon code, send them an email and ask for one quickly!

This technology has the potential to do all kinds of interesting, useful things for aviation. If nothing else, it will help you not get lost. Check out their video, but watch out. You'll be drooling by the time it's over.