More Background Checks for Aviation Workers

USA Today recently reported that background checks for aviation workers, once taken care of by the FAA, will now be conducted by TSA. The TSA terrorist watch list is larger than the FAA's and the checks will re-occur every time new names are added to the list. As an occasional airline passenger, I like the idea of increased safety.

Big News From Cessna

Aviation International News has reported some exciting news for the people working at the Wichita, KS production plant. Cessna has plans to hire 1,500 people due to the 11.9 billion dollar backlog, and the fact that most of it's business jets are sold out for the next three years.

Cessna Wins the Race for Columbia Aircraft

Textron, Cessna's parent company has announced that they are in fact the winners in the bidding process to acquire the bankrupt Columbia Aircraft Company. We've been following the recent developments in this acquisition with great interest, and are eager to see how Cessna will accomplish integrating the Columbia lineup into their existing fleet. Textron's press release lists some of the measures they plan on taking, to include renaming the Columbia model's as Cessna 350's and 400's. Textron has pledged to keep up the support by contacting existing owners of Columbia aircraft.

Supersonic Bizjet Gets First Order in Dubai

The Dubai Airshow was a busy event. While many were focusing on getting the largest or fanciest jets, others were going after the fastest. Namely, Sheik Rashid Bin Humaid Al Noaimi signed a letter of intent to purchase the first Aerion SBJ (Supersonic Business Jet) for $80M.

Pilot Shortage Begins to Hit Home

We had pointed out earlier this month that some Australian Regionals were cutting back on their routes due to lack of pilots. This isn't a new problem, with the aviation industry growing the way it is the demand for pilots is increasing all the time. In fact we're starting to feel the first ripples on the pond here at home. Trebor Banstetter at the Star Telegram has an article pointing out how airlines are being forced to reduce hiring standards in order to fill the cockpits.

AWAC Pilot's Future

Pilot's at Air Wisconsin are wondering about their future and direction of their company. The website goes over what changes have occured at Air Wisconsin over the past 5 plus years. The website talks about some of the unseen facts of being an airline pilot, as well as the current issues the pilot union is having with management. So if you are considering a job at the airlines, take a minute and look at this website.

Help LSAs, Win Some Cash

I found mention on GA News of a survey that Sport Air USA is doing to get an update on the LSA market. The survey took me 8 minutes (with distractions) and the only personal info they ask for is your email address. They only need that because they offer one $1000 and three $100 prizes for taking the survey. Not a bad deal.

Control Techniques Help Pilot Damaged Aircraft

Science Daily points out an interesting bit of research being accomplished at TU Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. They're developing Fault Tolerant Control by leveraging the increases in computer processing power to aid pilot's while they try to control damaged aircraft. The researchers used several actual failure scenarios, including the El Al crash in Amsterdam from 1992 to test their system. The technique has been successfully demonstrated using the university's Simona flight simulator, showing how the computer can make it easier for the pilot to land damaged aircraft.

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