Strike Eagles Go Back to Work

We recently mentioned that the USAF's entire F-15 fleet had been grounded. reported that after nearly two weeks, the F-15E Strike Eagles at nearby Seymour Johnson AFB are being cleared to fly. The Houston Peach has an article from Robbins AFB where a lot of F-15 repairs are done that details the process all these jets must undergo to retrun to flying status.

Second Quest Takes Flight

Quest Aircraft, the proud parents of the newly type certified Kodiak, announced the flight of their second serial numbered aircraft this week. S/N002 took off at 1400 hours on 6 November from the Sandpoint Idaho factory and flew to altitude, where it completed a test flight with "no surprises". The Kodiak is a back country machine, pairing a Pratt and Whitney PT-6 turboprop out front with the Garmin G1000 setup on the inside. Quest, reports about a three year backlog for orders so don't plan on running down to the factory just yet.

UFO Debate Re-Opened

Democratic Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich appears to have instigated the push to re-open investigation into UFO sitings in the United States. A panel consisting of former pilot's and government officials is petitioning in the hopes of having investigations re-opened. These panelists are citing security concerns along with multiple first hand accounts in the hopes of gaining some credibility for the study of Unidentified Flying Object's.

Flying Palace

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, the world's 13th richest man, has officially become the first private individual to purchase an Airbus A380 for personal use. The announcement has come after some serious speculation about the identity of the buyer, Airbus put an end to the speculation this morning with an announcement at the Dubai Airshow. The prince shouldn't have to worry about leg room, or comfort at all for that matter since the A380 has got 551 square meters of floorspace to play with.

Veteran's Day

We just wanted to take a second to say thank you to all the folks who have served, past and present. Our aviation community is intertwined with that of the military community and we are very lucky to have such dedicated men and women serving our country. So, thanks!! From the AviationBull Team.

Dubai - Airshow and Business Meeting

The Dubai Airshow kicks off today and promises to be a great show. It showcase several military aircraft, but is focused on commercial aviation.

Learning From Our Mistakes

Popular Mechanics published an article by David Noland in their September issue of the magazine entitled "10 Plane Crashes That Changed Aviation" and it has taken until now for it to sink in. With all of the recent coverage surrounding the NASA safety report, it's become abundantly clear that there is a general misconception about how we learn from our mistakes in the aviation industry. Understandably NASA's hesitation to release the report results caused some significant backlash, due mostly to how they handled the situation. However, NASA's defense of the names and tail numbers involved is commendable.

Hope You didn't Need that Engine

The AP is reporting that a Boeing 737 operated by South African airline Nationwide, ingested something into the number 2 engine (right-side) on takeoff causing the engine to separate from the aircraft. According to passenger accounts the mood on the airplane was calm and professional. The pilot was able to return to the field for an emergency landing.

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