Take Care of Your Carb

Cause you may have trouble finding a new one... AeroNews and AVweb are reporting that Precision Airmotive LLC has announced that they have discontinued sales of their float carburetors and their component parts, beginning November 1, 2007. This may seem like an oddly un-newsworthy tidbit, however, when you learn that Precision is one of the few after market component manufacturers for these types of parts you start to wonder why they decided to stop?

NASA to Release Safety Report

NASA announced Thursday (1 Nov 2007), that they would release the results of their aviation survey that has been getting so much coverage lately. Most of the speculation surrounding the report itself stems from the assertion that the reported numbers were much higher than those given by other government agencies. While this may be the case there seems to be a prevailing misunderstanding about how the report is conducted and why the results might be skewed.

Canadian Seneca Crash Raises Old, but Important Questions

Last Tuesday, an 82 year-old pilot crashed a Piper Seneca into an apartment building in Richmond, B.C. Sadly he was killed, but he was the only fatality. The aircraft did not catch on fire or start a fire in the building, but the fire department put so much water on the wreck that the apartments on the 9 floors beneath the crash were ruined. Avweb reported that the residents of the apartment building are filing a lawsuit naming the pilot, his estate and Piper Aircraft as defendants.

Connecticut Sues FAA Over Redesign

State officials in Connecticut filed suit against the FAA this Thursday (1 Nov 2007) with the intention to block an increase in flights over the southwestern part of the state. The FAA's plan to redesign some of the routing into and out of the congested airports of LaGuardia, JFK, Newark and Philly would cause around 150 more flights a day over the area and Gov. Jodi Rell says that's unacceptable. Rell is claiming the FAA didn't take the time to make a full consideration of the impacts the change will have. The FAA countered citing a nine year study to come up with the current plan that would ease the delays plaguing the air travel system.

Charter Certificate Revoked

The FAA has followed up on the recent suspension of the charter certificate for AMI Jet Charter with a revocation. The FAA announced the revocation on 31 October 2007, citing AMI Jet's Failure to maintain operational control over the aircraft on their certificate along with concerns over records kept on the aircraft and crews operated outside their control. Specifically TAG Aviation was cited as operating some of the AMI Jet Charter aircraft despite the fact that they do not hold a charter certificate themselves.

Fly Green

Well, if you've been yearning to make your contribution in the efforts to stem global warming, here's your chance. The e-publishing staff at AOPA points us to a company called Green Flight International, who recently completed the world's first jet aircraft flight powered completely by Biofuel. This marks a step forward for the aviation fuels market and may represent a welcome alternative for the environmentally conscious. The folks at Green Flight aren't the only interested parties either.

I Wish I had this in School...

If you were like most kids in school, the idea of going to your Math and Science classes didn't really hold that much allure, and rightfully so. Traditionally those class tend to be lectures and board work without the benefit of hands on learning. Enter Build A Plane (BAP), these folks take donated unwanted or unfinished kit projects and basket cases and find a school that's willing to set up a program to repair them. They work closely with the local chapters of the EAA and other aviation enthusiasts who are willing to donate their time to help with the projects. They've now got projects from Thorp T-211's to Piper Navajo's going all over the country, and a few other's internationally as well.

Tailwheel Resurgence?

Always wanted to try tailwheel flying? Well now you've got an incentive, CubCrafters is offering to reimburse you for the cost of your tailwheel endorsement. When you purchase a new Sport Cub or Top Cub from the company they'll credit your endorsement on the invoice. While this may be a drop in the bucket compared to the $100K or so price tag associated with their Sport Cub, the idea is a good one.

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