Sukhoi Rolls Out First Superjet 100

What would you get if the premier fighter jet designer in the US, Lockheed-Martin, decided to produce a regional jet? Perhaps something similar to the Superjet 100...produced by the premier fighter jet designer in the Russian Federation, Sukhoi.

Cirrus SRS joins LSA market

Increasing the support and potential of the LSA market, Cirrus Design unveiled their Light Sport Aircraft at Oshkosh this summer.

Will Tiger Ever Make a Comeback?

As reported on, a company called True Flight Holdings LLC has purchased the tooling and rights to produce the AG-5B Tiger. The Tiger and its relatives are popular aircraft, but in spite of attempts to re-introduce it as a new production aircraft, the Tiger just can't seem to get a foothold in the aircraft market. The previous producer, Tiger Aircraft Company, went bankrupt during its fifth year of operations.

Pipistrel LSA Wins 5 of 7 Awards in NASA Challenge

Over two years ago, NASA and the Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency Foundation announced a challenge to see who would come up with the most efficient Personal Air Vehicle (PAV.) The first competition took place this August with a single aircraft producing some amazing results.

First Air Taxi Takes Off

This Wednesday, October 3rd, DayJet became the world's first VLJ air taxi company.

I belive this marks the beginning of what may prove be the most significant advance in commercial aviation ever.

Glider Flying in Wyoming

One of the tough things about getting into the sport of soaring is the fact that it's sometimes very difficult to find a glider to fly. Thanks to the Big Horn Soaring Club based in the Powell/Cowley, WY area, residents of Wyoming and Eastern Montana finally have a way to solve that problem without traveling so far from home. This is the first and only glider club in the state of Wyoming and possibly the newest glider club in the US.

Turbine VTOL troop transport?

Looks like the duPont DP-2 has made it's maiden flight... at least sort of. The composite aircraft that's been under attack lately as a government boondoggle achieved vertical takeoff in a 45 second tethered test flight in El Cajon. Strangely though, most of the opposition to the project is concerned with its usefullness of the aircraft on the battlefield for transporting troops, and not the cost and schedule slips it has suffered in development.

Cessna Places its Bet on Light Sport Aircraft

After displaying a proof of concept for a Cessna LSA at Oshkosh the year before, Cessna officially rolled out the C-162 Skycatcher this July. This aircraft could serve as a long overdue replacement to the aging C-150/152 training fleet. There is some concern that it is priced higher than it's competitors and offers a low useful load, but the Cessna name carries a lot of weight in aviation.

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