When Charters Compete You Win

It seems like you can't go anywhere in aviation these days without hearing about Virgin. From Space tourism to sponsoring around the world flight, they seem to have their hands in everything. Well now you can potentially add one more thing to the list, the charter business. Virgin Charter, a "beta" project from the Virgin parent company is attempting to put a different spin on how you book travel on chartered aircraft.

Extreme Cessna Makeover... Maybe

Perhaps the steadfast image of the "ole reliable" Cessna series aircraft is about to get a facelift. AOPA online reports that Columbia Aircraft has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and that Cessna Aircraft may be interested in acquiring parts of the company. This marks an interesting transition for the metal-clad Cessna into the composite market that is home to companies like Cirrus and Diamond.

It would also appear to be a bit of a structural change for Cessna as well, making us wonder if a sleek low-wing Cessna might be in the future.

Cirrus Jet

This June, after a great deal of whispering and hinting, Cirrus Design unveiled “The Jet” as their latest aircraft design. Cirrus describes it as an entry into a market of personal jets that lies between high-performance singles and very light jets (VLJs). They boast a 300 knot cruising speed, a glass pannel, an unusually roomy cabin, and safety features including a ballistic recovery parachute.

Another Eclipse Jet?

Aviation Week wrote a great article about the Eclipse Concept Jet that arrived at Oshkosh this summer under the controls of Eclipse president Vern Raburn.

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