About Us

AviationBull is dedicated to spreading news, knowledge, discussion and general interest about aviation.

Our main avenue for this is by presenting current events in aviation along with a forum for discussing them. We appreciate your involvement in this effort!

The authors met while working as glider flight instructors and classmates in college. In their spare time, they studied taildraggers and the art of hangar flying at Meadowlake Airport in Colorado Springs, CO. This site is designed to be a place for current or future aviators to hangar fly...to shoot the bull.

The authors agree that aircraft were meant to drag their tails rather than noses, an engine failure is just an excuse to make the first landing a good one, user fees are wrong, and that a bad day of flying is better than a great day spent almost anywhere else.

Our staff consists of several editors with a breadth of aviation experience. (Click on the names below for more information about each individual.) The site was founded by Ted and Jason.

Eric is a Gold Seal CFI/II/MEI working on an aviation degree who has been writing for us for several months. Jon decided to get a job walking for a living, but he spends his free time flying gliders, and his 7AC Champ.

The newest addition to our staff is Jud, a distinguished pilot and instructor in gliders who earned a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. We're looking forward to reading some of his thoughts on military aviation, complimented by his strong technical background.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions or news for the site. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!