Aviation Organization Links


Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association : probably the largest aviation membership organization out there. AOPA leads the way on battles with the FAA and Congress. Their site has great information on training, news and links to their magazines AOPA Pilot and Flight Training.

Experimental Aircraft Association : these guys pretty much defined sport aviation, and their membership chapters around the country continue the tradition of "home grown" aviation. The site has links for their magazine "Sport Aviation" as well as information about their most notable gathering at EAA Airventure, affectionately known to most as the Oshkosh Airshow and Fly-in.

National Aeronautic Association : the keepers of the record books. This organization is responsible for the ratification of record attempts made in the U.S. from around the world flight to altitude and speed record attempts.

Soaring Society of America : is the governing agency for soaring in the United States. It oversees all competitions, records and badges. Their site has great information on how to find a place to fly gliders, how to become a glider pilot and the sport of soaring in general.

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