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Craigslist for Airplanes

Craigslist has become a staple for those of us looking to bypass the antiquated classified system, but the site is a little cumbersome when it comes to searching outside your immediate area. There are a few cases where you might want to cross state lines to grab a deal, classic cars and airplanes both come to mind. This Wired article outlines how you can use Google to quickly search all the craigslist adds across the country for an airplane. I used it tonight and found a couple of birds worth buying. Let us know in the comments if you've successfully used this method.

New LSA Engine Comparison Page

Following in the theme of our popular LSA comparison page, we've implemented the same changes on our LSA Engine comparison page. The page now features more robust coding to include sortable columns, and a freshness date. If you notice a missing entry or have some updated information please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

AOPA Flight Planner Upgrade

AOPA's online flight planning tool has just gotten a major upgrade. The tool, which is free to members, has been re-engineered to be web based and platform independent. Backed by Jeppesen the tool looks to be very cool. I haven't had a chance to take it for a test drive myself, but if you have drop a comment below.

So What's Next...

I started a series of posts last week promising to offer our readers some insights into the thought process behind the creation of AviationBull.com. Picking up the discussion where we left it... Jason and I started with the idea for a domain and what followed were many discussions about what type of content we wanted to include. We were only two geeks, so that sort of limited the type of things we could accomplish. GA news was out because folks like AvWeb and Aero-News Network were already doing the basic GA news thing really well.

Why AviationBull?

It dawned on me after AviationBull appeared on the "new media" podcast hosted by the Airplane Geeks that folks might be interested to hear how we run the site and what our goals are. Following that theme you'll notice a few more articles like this one detailing what it is we're trying to do, and what tools we're using to get there. Jason and I are both computer geeks at heart, computer engineers to be exact, so it just made sense to do a website. Jason flies for a living and I was struggling to stay involved in the community, and doing rather poorly at that... I'm sure ya'll know how it is, money vs.

Track Your Progress with Kitlog

Looking to build yourself a kit? Well you'll probably want to document that years long journey with a few pictures and some notes about what went on. Lucky for you the folks at Kitlog have developed a pretty slick piece of software designed to do just that.

Aviation Media Podcast

Jason and I were recently approached to take part in a first of it's kind aviation "new media" meet-up. The event was hosted by Courtney and Max from the Aviation Geeks Podcast and was a spectacular success. I had a chance to put my plug in for AviationBull and listen to some other really interesting folks involved in aviation on the internet. You can check out their synopsis for a list of participants, and you can also expect some articles here once we've gotten a chance to explore some of these new ventures... way cool...

Pardon Our Dust

Please forgive an overambitious weekend project... we're in the midst of upgrading our CMS to a newer version so you'll probably notice a few changes here and there. If you notice any bugs, please let us know on the contact page.

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