Alaska Bush Flying in HD

Thanks to Jim for pointing out this spectacular HD trailer for "Alaska's Bush Pilots...The Real Deal." Jim has his own show on The Discovery Channel, and from the looks of the video he really knows what he's doing. Check it out and look for it on DVD soon!

Spectacular U2 Video

The U2 is an amazing flying machine, equal parts glider and jet fighter it's capable of flying high enough to touch the lower bounds of space. This video takes you along on a ride to altitude and gives you a taste of the special challenges all U2 pilots face.

NASA Orion Ascent Abort Video

We haven't posted a video in a while so here's a little NASA eye candy for ya. This is an animation of the ascent abort system for the Orion crew module. Good to know you've got a way out while sitting on top of thousands of pounds of rocket fuel...

Eagle vs. R/C Plane

Now that's a lot of water...

I suppose it's probably fire retardant... But water just sounds better in the teaser. This heavily modified Boeing 747 is capable of pumping out 20,500 gallons in a single go. Assembled by Evergreen aviation this monster is making big waves in the firefighting community. Check out the video after the jump...

Blue Angels Cockpit Footage

Here's a little cockpit video to get your blood flowing. Makes me dizzy just watching it...

Demon View

Aside from being a blatant PR video, this short highlights some of the ridiculously cool technology being incorporated into the F-35 joint strike fighter. The pilot's helmet system, nicknamed the "demon" for it's somewhat Halloweenish appearance, allows the pilot a 360 degree integrated view of his environment. I wonder how long this technology will take to trickle down to that C-172 I rent?

Aviation Hero - Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover is one of my all time favorite pilots and this video is a testament to his character. Definitely a must watch, thanks RJ!!

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