Now that's a lot of water...

I suppose it's probably fire retardant... But water just sounds better in the teaser. This heavily modified Boeing 747 is capable of pumping out 20,500 gallons in a single go. Assembled by Evergreen aviation this monster is making big waves in the firefighting community. Check out the video after the jump...

Blue Angels Cockpit Footage

Here's a little cockpit video to get your blood flowing. Makes me dizzy just watching it...

Demon View

Aside from being a blatant PR video, this short highlights some of the ridiculously cool technology being incorporated into the F-35 joint strike fighter. The pilot's helmet system, nicknamed the "demon" for it's somewhat Halloweenish appearance, allows the pilot a 360 degree integrated view of his environment. I wonder how long this technology will take to trickle down to that C-172 I rent?

Aviation Hero - Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover is one of my all time favorite pilots and this video is a testament to his character. Definitely a must watch, thanks RJ!!

Words on GA from Cirrus CEO Alan Klapmeier

James Fallows of the Atlantic pointed me to a video of Cirrus Design CEO Alan Klapmeier speaking at a meeting of the Atlanta Aero Club. It's a lengthy video, but if you have the time it's very interesting.

Ejection Seat Testimonial

Check out the second Su-24 to land, these guys are probably stil waiting for their eyebrows to grow back.

Terrafugia Takes Off

From the Terrafugia Press Release:

Dead Stick Takeoff?

I suppose every glider takeoff could really be considered dead stick, however, this video sheds new light on the concept. Oh, and that's the beautiful Idaho backcountry by the way!!

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