Soldier Bar Landing in the Idaho BackCountry

The title pretty much says it all... try to pick out the airfield at the beginning of the clip, it's harder than you might think.

Long Takeoff Roll

The plane in the flick is an Ilyushin Il-76 that appears to be a little bit to heavily laden. The commentary from the tower crew is priceless... Enjoy.

Now That's Low

A senior airline captain for Cathay Pacific airlines has been removed from his duties after he took a Boeing 777 down to 28ft on a flyby. The flight occurred just after Cathay had taken delivery of the plane in Seattle, and a number of top-level executives were on board for the ride. Apparently there's YouTube video of the flight floating around so look for an update soon.

As promised here's the video...

Now That's Shortfield

Here's our latest in the search for really cool videos... These guys make short field ops look really easy.

Newfound Respect for the Cargo Haulers

This is an AvWeb video about a DHL crew who landed a crippled Airbus in Baghdad after being hit by a surface to air missile. This is definitely a story worth watching... these guys are lucky to be alive.

My Kind of Beach

Now this is my kind of beach, relax, have a beverage and watch the planes come in. The airport is Princess Juliana airport in St. Martin... so book your vacations now.

SkyCatcher Tour

Really Short Field Landing

Now this is what I call a short field landing...

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