Helicopter Companies

Helicopter Companies

Agusta Westland : offers a variety of multi-role helicopter for military, civil and executive missions. They also have a joint venture with Bell to develop the BA 609 tiltrotor.

Bell : offers many military and civilian aircraft and is known for some of the world's classic helicopters: the UH-1 Huey and the Jet Ranger.

Eurocopter : produces civil and military helicopters used throughout the world. The US Coast Guard even flies Dauphins.

MD Helicopters : (MD for McDonnell Douglass) continues to produce designs from the former Hughes Helicopters which are very popular with law enforcement, life-flight and military organizations.

Robinson : is the leading producer of helicopters in North America. They make affordable helicopters that are popular for everything from training to pipeline flying to law enforcement.

Schweizer Aircraft Corporation : used to make gliders. Now, they produce some of the most economical and commonplace training helicopters around as a subsidiary of Sikorsky.

Sikorsky : is one of the classic names in helicopters. Today they produce Blackhawks, along with many other aircraft.

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