LSA Companies

Light Sport Aircraft Companies

Dornier : is an old name in quality German aircraft, including amphibians. Their latest piece or work, the S-Ray 007 is a gorgeous-looking amphibious LSA.

Groen Brothers Aviation : offers an LSA-elegible gyroplane, the SparrowHawk III. They also have a larger 5-seat model and designs for airline and military scale gyroplane applications.

Hart Aero : Interested in a Rotax-powered LSA, but can't afford to pay $100,000 for it? Like the idea of back to basics, open cockpit flying? Want a 16:1 glider for $3500? This is the company for you!

Nexaer : is working to produce a light sport aircraft that is efficient, fun, comfortable and beautiful. We're looking forward to them beginning production.

Silver Sky Aviation : provides maintenence, management, sales and assistance with construction for many aircraft, including LSAs. They are distributors for the Patriot 150, Zodiac CH 601 XL/XLi, and other LSAs.

SportAir USA : makes the sharp-looking Sting Sport as well as the new high-wing Sirius and one of the few amphibian LSAs out there, the SeaRey.

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