Other Resources

Other Resources

AirNav : is an unofficial airport information directory that includes reviews of airports and services, fairly current fuel prices, airport photos, links to printable charts, approach plates and more.

AircraftB - Aircraft and Aviation Suppliers : Calls itself the "Ultimate Aircraft Resource." It's a very extensive listing of everything from repair shops to flight schools to manufacturers to parts suppliers and more. It can be browsed or explored using an in-site search engine.

AVHome : web listing and ratings for online aviation resources.

baseops.net : This site was developed by military aviators, to make their lives easier. It just so happens that it makes your life easier as well with awesome links and tools.

Flightland : is a resource with all kinds of useful links for aviation.

Fabulous Flying! : This is a compilation site with all sorts of great stuff!

Global Plane Search : gathers aircraft classified ads from most other classified listing sites on the internet. That means one-stop shopping on what (as far as we can tell) is the most comprehensive collection of listings out there.

Thirty Thousand Feet : a very extensive web directory for just about everything aviation.

My Aviation Tutor : Slick site with some great aviation tutorials from Bernoulli to Newton...

Wingaroo : is a brand new tool, an engine designed specifically for searching aviation blogs.

PilotJourney : is a new website aimed at helping people learn to fly. They are compiling a massive flight school directory that is a great resource, and have a lot of other good information.

Leading Edge Institue : is an aircraft and general vehicle detailing school. Learn the fine art of making those wings gleam!

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