VLJ Companies

Very Light Jet Companies

Adam Aircraft : is having problems securing the funding needed to continue development of their A700 jet. We hope they'll find some funding and get back to work soon!

Aviation Technology Group (ATG) : was developing the Javelin, a VLJ with the look and feel of a personal fighter jet. They have suspended operations due to funding issues.

Cessna : is joining the VLJ market with the Citation Mustang.

Diamond : offers the single-engine D-Jet as a great option for jet training or personal travel.

Eclipse : has a strong lead in the air taxi and training markets with their Eclipse 500.

Embraer : supplies regional jets to many of the air carriers in the US and throughout the world. They are joining the VLJ market with the Phenom 100.

Epic : has turboprops and jets as kits or production aircraft. They expect to certify the Elite around 2010.

Excel Jet : aims to produce the most economical aircraft in the VLJ market, the Sport Jet.

Honda : entered the aviation market by first developing a jet engine, then building a VLJ to go with it. The HondaJet has some unique design features and has given Honda a strong foothold in aviation.

Piper : is developing one of the few single-engine VLJ options and expects some impressive performance.

Spectum : stretches the upper limits of VLJ size with their Independence S-33. They are also developing a mid-size business jet, the Freedom S-40.

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